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    • 1999 Lallier Brut

      Recently disgorged so even more complex, with those older flavours now showing from the extended time on its lees. A very special bottle indeed.


    • 2002 Pol Roger Winston Churchill

      One of the last to release their 2002, it's certainly caused a storm of publicity. All well founded as this is without doubt a legendary Winston Churchill. Hang on to it if you can as it will only get better and may well...


    • Arguably one of the great Champagnes! Made in only the best years from a very strict selection of the very best grapes Bollinger have. Never as much of this to go round, so best not hang about if you want to treat yourself...


    • 2007 Bollinger 'La Grande Année'

      Bollinger's classic vintage release in excellent form. Aged for twice the amount of time required by the appellation. Highly complex - nuts ,dried citrus, flowers and spice with wonderfully creamy textures.


    • 2008 Pol Roger Rosé Reserve

      Pol Roger choose not to make a non-vintage rosé - instead they just make this when the vintage will allow. The 2006 is a little more elegant and precise than the 2004 and can only be described as outstanding...


    • 2008 Pol Roger Vintage (magnum)