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    • ABK6 Honey Cognac Liqueur

      A highly innovatibe honey liqueur from one of our favourite cognac producers. Honey sourced from Charentes woods, which are local to Cognac, is then blended with refined Cognac itself. It's certainly got honey sweetness...


    • Edmond Briottet Pain d'Epices Liqueur

      Innovative gingerbead liqueur from this superb producer who specialises in such spirits. It goes in a variety of cocktails but it's also fabulous when mixed with ice cream or added to coffee to make a huighly aromatic hot...


    • Pink Grapefruit liqueur which is pretty refreshing and perfect in many cocktails or simple long drinks. It also is ideal as a replacement for cassis or Aperol with Prosecco. 


    • Another great addition to a glass of sparkling wine or refreshing long drinks.


    • Kings Ginger Liqueur

      Originally made for King Edward IIV, this is perfect for hip flasks, but is also a fantastic ingredient in a variety of drinks from cocktails to a splash in your fizz for a 'Ginger Royale'!


    • Mentzendorff Kummel

      One of our staff regards this as the ultimate after dinner digestif. Flavours of caraway, cumin and curry dominate - serve it ice cold (we like it straight from the freezer) for a treat.