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    Our Local Gins....

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    Our Local Gins...

    Whittaker’s - True Handcrafted Yorkshire Gin

    Whittaker’s were always ahead of the curve and they are still striving for new and innovative recipes. A bold full bodied style and with out doubt one of our favourites and indeed one of our best sellers.

    Whittaker’s Original £36 per 700ml bottle - No surprise but the first Gin they made. Local ingrediants like bilberry, bog myrtle hawthorne and thyme add a more herby full bodied nature. Ideal with tonic and a small sprig of thyme.

    Whittaker’s Pink Particular £36 per 700ml bottle - still tell-tale Whittaker’s but this time with hibiscus, pink peppercorns and cardamom. Its all rather subtle and no pepper kick. Again ideal with tonic and jazz it up with a few hibiscus flowers and pink peppercorns. Arguably our best selling gin.

    Whittaker’s Clearly Sloe £36 per 700ml bottle - Great gin of course as only you would expect from Whittaker’s but also such a clever name, they must have been well proud of themselves when they came up with Clearly Sloe. So distilled with sloes and a hint of liquorice root, making a dry and earthy style. Cranberry tonic works well with this.

    Whittaker’s Navy Strength £40 per 700ml bottle - The Navy Strength version of the Original. 57% of smoothest punchiest purest navy gin out there. Makes a great gin and tonic just have to remember the extra strength.

    Harrogate Tipple - Otterly Marvellous

    Harrogate Gin £34 per 500ml bottle - With its distinctive otter on the bottle this was the first gin they made. More fruity soft and certainly more on the citrus side. We had this served with a slice of cucumber and tonic.

    Harrogate Goosebery Gin £34 per 500ml bottle - super fresh gooseberry hit with this one, soft but not sweet. Ideal on its own with lots of ice.

    Harrogate Blueberry Gin £34 per 500ml bottle - stunning deep blue colour from cornflower petals. It is fruity but a lot dryer than you would expect form the colour. Again ideal on its own with lots of ice.

    Harewood Food and Drink Project

    Greystone Gin - £43 per 700ml bottle - Infused with hand-picked mulberries from an ancient tree on the estate - which many of you who have visited Harewood may well have strolled past - with the addition of cardamom and other botanicals, this is both delicious and innovative. Made in partnership with Whittaker’s. Back in 2016 we sold over 70 bottles of the first batch of 300, everybody that tasted it bought it. Need we say more.

    This forms the base of our core range of local gins and then we work with a Guest Gin per month that has really blown us away. The guest gin will always be available for tasting while stock last.

    NB: All prices correct as of March 2019