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    • Bristol Classic Caribbean Collection Rum

      A blend of young rums from Trinidad designed for easy drinking. It tastes great neat but works very well as a mixer. Elements of toffee and burnt sugar with classic rum notes.


    • Bristol Classic Fine Barbados Rum 2004

      Produced at the famous Four Square distillery in Barbados, this tasty drop has classic attributes of the island's rum. Bitter orange, oak spice, charcoal and chocolate.


    • Bristol Classic Port Morant Demerara Rum 25 Years Old

      This spectacular rum spent 15 years in its original wooden casks before spending 10 years in sherry wood. Very deeply flavoured with dried fruit notes backed up with some aniseed spice, mocha notes and a beautifully seet...


    • 11 year old Barbados Rum from the Foursquare distillery, which as the name would suggest is using Zinfandel wine casks to age their rum.  


    • Mainstay Cane Spirit

      Incredibly popular in South Africa - in the early 80s volume exceded 15 million litres (the only spirit in the country to do so). Distilled from fermented molasses to give a clean and pure spirit. It's a bit of a legend...