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    • Quite a bit more age on this one, harvested in 2007 to make a cidre, then distilled in 2008. It then spent until 2016 in cash and was bottled. Still fruity and elegant but more complex.


    • Astrid Hubert is aiming for a more fruity elegant style of Calvados. It certainly bursting with apple flavours. The apple harvest was 2010 when she makes a cidre, it is then distilled the following year and this was bottled...


    • 2012 Ekiss Single Estate Vodka

      Fantastic organic French vodka with crisp textures and a taut feel so it's a remarkably clean drink. A note of barley accompanies the citrus notes.


    • 2013 Zuidam Dutch Courage Aged Gin 88

      This is the same recipe as Zuidam's Dutch Courage Dty Gin but the spirit spends 9 months in 200 litre American oak barrels. The result is a far spicier gin than it's smaller brother, so you'll find eastern spice such as...


    • 2013 Zuidam Dutch Courage Old Tom's Gin

      No less than TEN botanicals (including whole lemons!) go into this excellent bottle. A delightful compote of vanilla, juniper, eucalyptus and pine make themselves known, and the buttery texture is irresistable.


    • ABK6 Honey Cognac Liqueur

      A highly innovatibe honey liqueur from one of our favourite cognac producers. Honey sourced from Charentes woods, which are local to Cognac, is then blended with refined Cognac itself. It's certainly got honey sweetness...