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    Wine and Cheese Tasting

    Corporate 'Wine and Cheese Tasting'
    22.jpgThis is an example of a wine and cheese tasting with a cost per head of £25.

    We can accommodate groups up to 30 people. We would need a minimum of 10 people. Please allow up to 2 hours for the event.
    If you have certain wines or cheeses that you would like featuring then we can create a wine and cheese tasting for you.

    1 - Swaledale Goat matched with Thorne and Daughters ‘Rocking Horse’ from South Africa

    Lighter cheese works so well with dry white wines, the acidity of the cheese working in harmony with the acidity in the wine. The freshness of the wine is another factor matching with the freshness of the cheese.

    2 - Montagnola Affiné matched with Klevener de Heiligenstein from Alsace, France

    Unique to a small area around the village of Heiligenstein, the grape Klevener has a lot of richness and body, making it the perfect wine for many cheeses. This is a lighter blue and the richness of the wine slots in perfectly with the creamy blue.

    3 - Comté (14 – 17 months matured) matched with Escarpment ‘Pahi’ Pinot Noir from New Zealand

    Comté is such a nutty cheese and the light juicy red fruit of Pinot Noir works so well. Pinot Noir also has a good amount of acidity which helps cut through the richness of the mature Comté.

    4 - Taleggio matched with Tommaso Bussola Valpolicella from Italy

    This might be Valpolicella but think of this more like Amarone, it’s rich and concentrated and wonderfully powerful. It has a hint of sweetness and it’s this that really makes it a perfect match for the rich soft Taleggio.

    5 - Barbers 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar matched with Niepoort LBV Port from Portugal

    No wine and cheese tasting would be complete without a drop of Port to finish the night off. Port and its big bold flavours really do lend it to the more full-bodied cheese, with more than enough flavour to handle the excellent aged Cheddar from Barbers.

    All cheese supplied by the Cheeseboard of Harrogate