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    Domaine Nicole Lamarche 2018 offer




    Under Nicole’s influence, this domaine has become a source of some of the most impressive expressions of Pinot Noir. At no stage is Nicole looking for power and, as her wines’ intensity comes purely from the vineyard.

    The harvest is planned by analysis in the vineyards over two days and creating a picking plan. On receipt, everything is de-stemmed, as Nicole only wants the smoother skin tannins. After a gentle pressing, during which the juice is constantly tasted and the pressing stopped before the first hint of bitterness, the juice and skins are chilled to 6°C and then allowed to warm naturally, instigating a gentle start to the fermentation. Extraction is very gentle. Every tank is tasted constantly and as soon as Nicole has the balance she seeks, the wines go straight to barrel.

    For 2018, Nicole decided to wait for full phenolic maturity and a little rain on 5th and 6th September helped to unblock the grapes and bolster the acidity. The harvest began on 7th September. This is one of the magic addresses of the vintage. The wines have such finesse and all show Pinot Noir’s extraordinary ability to build flavour and complexity in the mouth from what appear to be light and ephemeral components. In actuality, the wines are just the reverse. The domaine operates organically and biodynamically but is not certified. For Nicole, it is a philosophy, not a marketing tool.

    This was a hugely successful cellar in 2018, with wines of a delicacy and finesse which was difficult to capture in such a warm year.

    Please note that from 2018 onwards the domaine and its wines will now be under the Nicole Lamarche label.

    Bourgogne Hautes Cotes de Nuits 75cl 6 bottle case               - £105.00

    Bourgogne 75cl 6 bottle case                                                     - £95.00

    Vosne-Romanée 75cl 6 bottle case                                           - £265.00

    Vosne-Romanée, Les Chaumes, 1er Cru 75cl 6 bottle case     - £415.00

    Clos de Vougeot, Grand Cru 75cl 6 bottle case                         - £640.00

    Grands-Echezeaux, Grand Cru 75cl 6 bottle case                     - £1,250.00

    La Grande Rue, Grand Cru 75cl 6 bottle case                               - £2,850.00


    All wines are in bond and can be delivered to our shop with the addition of

    duty, VAT and a delivery charge.