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2016 The Liberator Episode 20/20 Lies Damed Lies and Statistics Stellenbosch

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The Liberator collection of wines is the brainchild of Richard Kelley (AKA Rick), a master of wine and recognised authority on South African wines. Over three decades in the industry, this Cape Crusader has made a lot of friends throughout this great winemaking nation. Every time he visits the Cape, he visits his friends and has a rummage through their cellars, uncovering great wines that don’t quite fit in the winery’s portfolio, are deemed too experimental or are destined to be blended away. Rick’s mission is to seek out and liberate small parcels of wine from great producers, ensuring they reach the table of the most inquisitive and discerning wine customer. Each episode represents a single discovery and precious parcel that is both unique and finite. Episode 20, lies, damned lies, and statistics is a full bodied, robust and classy Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot blend from Vergelegen. Just 300 bottles made. The phrase popularised by Mark Twain and attributed to British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli. It best describes the persuasive power of numbers and how it can be applied to manipulate and bolster weak arguments.

Year: 2016
Country: South Africa
Region: Stellenbosch
Colour: Red
Bottle Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 14.50%
Grape/s: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
Vegetarian: no
Vegan: no
Organic: no
Biodynamic: no