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2018 Chateau Musar Rosé

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Chateau Musar is rightly regarded as one of the world’s truly iconic wineries. More well known for their Chateau Musar Red, their rosé is equally impressive. 

Chateau Musar Rosé is only made in specific years when the required grape quality is met to ensure an elegant balanced wine. When young it is salmon pink in colour, the wine is softly-oaked giving a smooth, well-balanced, and velvety-texture with aromas and flavours of soft berry fruits, peach, pear, citrus, almonds and wild herbs. These follow through to the palate with additional flavours of spiced orange, raspberries and a hint of vanilla from  barrel ageing. It develops spicy and tawny notes as it ages.

Made with Obaideh and Merwah grapes, native to the mountainous regions of Lebanon and closely related to Chardonnay and Semillon. Grown in stony, chalky soils at altitudes up to 1400m, these untrained bushvines produce low yields of 15 to 25 hl per hectare. Adding just 5% of Cinsault, a southern red Rhône grape, gives the wine its delicate hue.

Please note. Chateau Musar Rosé is complex and concentrated so best enjoyed after allowing it to breathe for several hours. We recommend serving at a cool cellar temperature of 15°C to fully experience it at its best. 

Food-wise its a versatile wine that pairs well with canapés, olives, nuts, seafood, and Provençal dishes.


Year: 2018
Country: Lebanon
Region: Bekaa Valley, Mount Lebanon
Colour: Rose
Bottle Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 12.5%
Grape/s: Obaideh, Merwah, Cinsault