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Jukes Cordialities No 1 "The White"

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We've been searching for a long time to find a good non alcoholic alternative to wine so who better to make a well thought out and complex alcohol free drink than renowned wine journalist Matthew Jukes? His new Jukes Cordialities No.1 is apple cider vinegar based and centred around a citrus and herb theme.

Built on a theme of peach blossom, refreshing cucumber, top quality plums, tart apples and pineapple husk, this is a fragrant drink with a full flavour on the palate and, crucially a long, tart, lemon zest-tinged finish.

The apple cider vinegar allows each ingredients to express themselves fully thanks to our delicate maceration techniques

A lovely treat for anyone who doesn't drink or is wanting to try something different. Great drink to celebrate Eid.

  • 9 x 30ml bottles in a box

  • Alcohol free

  • Apple Cider Vinegar based, Vegan

  • Low Calories (16Kcal per glass when mixed)

1 bottle makes approximately two 125ml glasses (9 bottles mixed with water equates to the same volume as 3 bottles of wine). Mix with still or sparkling water or tonic water.