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KEIGETSU CEL24 Junmai Daiginjo 50 (300ml)

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Sakes have been made by family-owned Tosa brewery since 1877. The name ‘KEIGETSU’, is a Japanese term which describes the beautiful evening scene created when the moon hangs over Katsurahama shore. The sakes are made from organically-grown, local rice varieties.The variety Gin-no-Yume is a sake-specific rice that is a crossing of Hinohikari and Yamadanishiki and specially developed for the Kōchi prefecture. The rice is grown within two kilometres of the brewery, in a mountainous region called Tosa Reihoku in the Kōchi prefecture, it grows well on the terraced rice paddies at 300 – 600 metres above sea level, with high diurnal temperature swings.

CEL24 Junmai Daiginjo 50 is made using local Gin-no-Yume rice. This Junmai Daiginjo has a 50% polish rate meaning half of the original rice grain remains. Keigetsu developed a highly aromatic yeast strain from the local area, this yeast strain is known as known as CEL-24, is used to produce unique fragrant sake like this. Best served chilled to 4-10°C, CEL24 Junmai Daiginjo 50 is delicious to drink on its own but very versatile with any fragrant herby dish. This is a modern fresh style of sake. The yeast used in fermentation adds an aromatic pineapple, melon and mango lift to the flavour profile, a mouthwatering palate and a inviting off-dry finish with a touch of minerality.

Country: Japan
Region: Tosa Reihoku, Kōchi Prefecture
Bottle Size: 300ml
Alcohol: 15%
Vegetarian: Yes