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KEIGETSU Yuzu Sake (300ml)

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Sakes have been made by family-owned Tosa brewery since 1877. The name ‘KEIGETSU’, is a Japanese term which describes the beautiful evening scene created when the moon hangs over Katsurahama shore. The sakes are made from organically-grown, local rice varieties.The variety Gin-no-Yume is a sake-specific rice that is a crossing of Hinohikari and Yamadanishiki and specially developed for the Kōchi prefecture. The rice is grown within two kilometres of the brewery, in a mountainous region called Tosa Reihoku in the Kōchi prefecture, it grows well on the terraced rice paddies at 300 – 600 metres above sea level, with high diurnal temperature swings.

The Kochi prefecture is famous for producing half of Japans Yuzu and they are considered to be the very finest. The Yuzo is grown organically by one of owners Mr. Matusmoto's relatives. The base sake is made from Akitsuho rice with the high polish ratio
of a junmai daiginjo and then blended with yuzu juice.

This yellowish, mouth-puckering yet sweet yuzu sake is bursting with zesty citrus fruit. It has an intense mix of lemon, tangerine and lime aromas and a balanced sweetness.

Country: Japan
Region: Tosa Reihoku, Kōchi prefecture
Bottle Size: 300ml
Alcohol: 8%
Vegetarian: Yes