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Riedel Masterclass Thursday 11th April 7pm

Riedel Masterclass Thursday 11th April 7pm

What a difference a glass makes!

RIEDEL is celebrated worldwide for its varietal-specific stemware designed to enhance the enjoyment of different wines. Have you ever wondered the how and why? Come join John Hinckley, Riedel’s UK and Ireland Business Manager and our very own Andy Langshaw for a one-of-a-kind sensory tasting experience. It’s a unique chance to discover why these glasses, designed for different styles of wines, have become so popular.

Andy and John will lead you through an engaging and enlightening event, demonstrating how the shape and size of a glass significantly impact our perception and enjoyment of wine. Using Riedel’s Vinum Range, we’ll have the opportunity to experience this for ourselves, tasting wines ideal for each of the four classic glass styles and discover how they compare when served in the “wrong” glass. It’s quite an eye opener which has continued to surprise many for many years.

During the event, you'll have the chance to taste wines perfectly suited for each of the four classic glass styles. You'll also explore how these wines compare when served in the "wrong" glass.

This experience is truly enlightening and has consistently surprised many over the years, whether you're savouring everyday wines or those reserved for special occasions.

The Tasting

Champagne Gallimard NV - Veritas Flute

2020 Hermann Donnhoff Riesling - Vinum Riesling Glass

2020 Vincent Girardin Rully - Vinum Oaked Chardonnay Glass

Pinot Noir Escarpment - Vinum Pinot Noir Glass

Vergelegen GVB - Vinum Bordeaux Glass

It will be a sit down event around one or two large tables boardroom style.

PLEASE NOTE. There will be no food served so we advise eating beforehand. However we will serve bread/crackers and olive oil to dip.

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